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Estate’s legacy is anchored in wines that have stood the test of time.

Looking to repair the lockdown-size hole in your wine collection? Delheim has the solution – fix it with a selection of the celebrated Stellenbosch estate’s classic and age-able wines.

The winery that itself is an octogenarian under current ownership has amassed a solid understanding over decades of wines capable of ageing to perfection. Outstanding feedback from customers who were nudged by lockdown restrictions to open older Delheim vintages motivated the farm to share the good news far and wide.

Every time I visit Delaire I am astounded at the level of quality so I am sure this is going to be amazing! Can't wait to actually try it for myself but it looks too good not to share!

1 May – 31 August 2019

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Video: Is expensive wine for suckers?

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Friday, 26 April 2019 08:38

A rather old video but still very relevant. An interesting short video by VOX comparing more expensive wines with more price friendly options and find that price seems to have a definite effect on our perception of a wines quality.


AYAMA Wine founders and proud Italian owners of Slent Farm, Michela and Attilio Dalpiaz, have brought a true taste of Italy to our South African soils. Being the very first Vermentino to be grown and harvested in South Africa, the Italian couple, with a serious love for viniculture, have seen their dreams come true. The first official South African Vermentino harvest took place in 2016, accruing incredible local and international uptake.

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Many of us have seen or heard rumours of research which proposes that plants respond well to classical music.. therefore it, stands to reason this would be applied to vineyards and winemaking too. I've tried their wine and I will just say you can almost taste the love...

I totally believe this and personally sing and talk to my plants in my garden at home, they haven't complained yet ;)

Taken at Demorgenzon wine farm - Stellenbosch


A new dawn is upon Bonnievale Wines as it launches a new corporate identity and premium range of wines destined to be the ambassadors of the magnificent Breede River Valley they call home. Called The River Collection, the wines represent the winemaker's ultimate art in the creation of wines that showcase their provenance.

Nederburg’s The Red Table restaurant, situated in the Paarl winery’s historic manor house, will be serving up a heart-warming winter feast of meat and spice, prepared by talented chef Edmore Ruzoza and his team, during Seven Days of Shiraz & Venison at Nederburg from 11 to 17 June.

In an interview, Master Sommelier Alpana Singh, told Business Insider that, Natural wine, which is made with little to no preservatives or chemicals, creates what Singh calls a "sometimes fizzy" drink that smells "weird." More specifically, "like a barn yard." Hehe.

Aaah.. the smells of the farm and the array of bouquets.. :) Well not quite the barnyard but it does take some getting used to in my opinion.

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