The Duck Parade at Vergenoegd Estate

Friday, 15 June 2018 12:19 Posted by Staff Writer
The Duck Parade at Vergenoegd Estate Vergenoegd Wine Estate

The Duck Parade at Vergenoegd has definitely fast become one of my favourite weekend hideaway activities! It's such fun to watch these fascinating, strange Indian Runner Ducks do their thing. A family outing with the folks, child-friendly and welcoming, loads of variety and things to do, or a sneaky morning with your significant other, Vergenoegd has a spot ready for you!

From their website,

"This waddling workforce is essential to the farm’s pest-control, consuming a startling amount of snails and bugs on their daily patrols. The ducks are also a big part of why Vergenoegd proudly carries WWF biodiversity certification.

We utilise 1070 Runner Ducks at the Vergenoegd farm to assist in the control of the snail and pest population in our vineyards, a practice we have been refining since 1984. We have a basic research and breeding program in place to keep our workforce of ducks productive, healthy and happy. Intrigued guests can take a tour of the duck pens and “breeding room” with one of our friendly duck herders!

Come and cheer the ducks on their way then stay a while and let us help you unfold the full Vergenoegd experience."

DUCK PARADE (no charge)
Mon – Fri: 09H45, 12H30 & 15H30
Sat – Sun: 10H00 & 12H30 & 15H30
Public Holidays: 10H00 & 12H30 & 15H30
DUCK TOURS (R20 per adult and R10 for kids under 12)

More about the Duck Parade

Vergenoegd has a lot to offer to be sure to check out their website for more info.

Make a booking for a wine, coffee, oil or tea blending, wine tasting, at the restaurant for a picnic, set-menu lunch or dinner.

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